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The Team



Amit's passion for baking and patisserie dates back to his days at hotel school, during which he couldn't bake a decent sponge cake! As a young chef growing up, the art of pastry making was something that really excited him, but was also something that he knew so little about. That curiosity and the quest for baking his first perfect cake took him to the Cordon Bleu in London, a culinary Mecca for any budding young chef. His training at the Cordon Bleu and the exposure to the pastry scene in London was nothing short of a pilgrimage. The most sophisticated of French and avant-garde cooking techniques were literally in the air and Amit happily caught the flu.

Amit has since worked at some of the best and most awarded F&B Operations around London, Mumbai and Singapore, leading and managing Pastry operations.

Amit's cooking style is a happy marriage of French and avant-garde cooking techniques, endeavoring to showcase optimum flavour, newer textures, and, in the process, creating sometimes quirky, but always, visually stunning dessert pieces.

Away from the kitchen (and sometimes within it) Amit indulges in being a stubborn, sarcastic wight.



Bharti has been an avid food lover all her life.

Her constant curiosity for various plant species earned her a Ph.D. in Biotechnology. Her love for food combined with skills to scientifically analyse material, landed her the perfect platform to work at SugarPlay.

Bharti has an integral role in researching flavour options and creating a flavour pairing bank for SugarPlay, which creates the foundation for the chefs to develop their menu and recipes. Apart from researching flavours, Bharti leads the marketing and customer relations at SugarPlay.

When she's not working, Bharti loves sketching, painting, and being her 4 year old daughter's best friend.