SugarPlay || Cup Cakes || Macarons || Patisserie || in Powai Mumbai

Our Philosophy

SugarPlay is a contemporary, elegant and unconventional patisserie.

We love to break away from the norm of what is the generally 'acceptable' dessert. We enjoy blurring the lines between savoury and sweet, and create pieces that are enjoyable and satiate your senses, just like great dessert should. Each piece of dessert is handmade fresh, daily at our quaint little kitchen by skilled artisans who completely love what they do.

We love to push the envelope and surprise you with our flavour and texture pairings to create desserts that are unique, while at the same time, fun to eat.

We love being quirky with our creations, while at the same time ensure that each bite makes complete sense to the palate.

We do not emphasise the importance of exotic, imported ingredients over local, traditional ones. We firmly believe that all ingredients, irrespective of their perceived value, have the potential to be stars in a dish if used intelligently.

At its core though, SugarPlay is all about un-complicating desserts and making them unpretentious, pleasurable and comforting...just what desserts are supposed to be!